Run through the Jungle- Is a 4th edition dungeons and dragons campaign designed to test the limits of online DnD play within the medium of a Google hangout.

  • To play in this game you will need to be able to use Google+ to be a part of a Google hangout. Additionally you will need to download the roll 20 addon for hangouts.
  • This game will be an open table but no more than six players will be allowed at any given session.
  • Roleplaying rather than Rollplaying is a must, while I am interested to see if combats can be done quickly and enjoyably online I am also interested in seeing whether role playing through a hang out can reproduce the same kind of feeling as a more typical face to face interaction.
  • Game will be held on Tuesdays, bi-weekly, at 5:45 pacific standard time, most sessions will essentially be mini sessions going 1.5-3hrs, and we will be starting on 2/19/2013.
  • The game is set in Port Nyranzaru on the northern shores of the mini-continent of Chult in the 4th edition forgotten realms campaign setting. Port Nyranzaru is an Amnish controlled frontier city were anything goes, as such all player races of the realms are allowed, as are any backgrounds from the forgotten realms setting. That being said if your character uses arcane as their power source you will either need to be registered with the cowled wizards or face an interesting legal gray area so long as you are within the relative safety of Port Nyranzaru.
  • Finally the party will be starting at 7th level. Once characters are made they should be sent to via email and/or posted here in the characters section.

Run through the Jungle

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